Steve’s Key Tips to a Healthy Holiday

Holiday Tips

While travelling on the road or rushing through airport security, it’s easy to forget about staying healthy – and regular.

When travelling you’re constantly trying new foods and exploring new destinations and it can be hard to remember to hydrate enough, to eat well as maybe there’s limited food options available and to take 5 minutes out to stretch as maybe you’re feeling too stressed about getting to your next destination. It’s also completely natural to treat yourself to a little more than you normally would (or should!).

Keeping your gut and digestive system normal and happy means your transatlantic flight or cross-country road trip will be better overall and you won’t have to deal with any un-glamorous issues like unwanted trips to the bathroom mid-way through your trip.

Practicing total health during your trip will make your vacation all the more enjoyable and you won’t come back uttering those words that we’ve all heard, ‘I really need a detox after that trip, or I need another holiday to get over that road trip we just went on.’

Here a few key tips for a healthy journey from point A to B:

  • Don’t forget to hydrate: Drink water. Lots and lots and lots: Always pack a reusable bottle to save money and reduce waste as well as always having some water on the go. Other drinks you can use to hydrate include coconut water, which is full of essential electrolytes. Herbal tea is also a great choice -as it’s caffeine free which means it won’t dehydrate you like other teas and coffee will!
  • Think outside the box with your diet: Get creative with your snacks! That way you keep it exciting and healthy so you don’t opt for the drive thru MacDonald’s or packaged airplane foods on your trip. Nuts, chia seeds, kale chips, dried fruits, coconut water, hot water with lemon and yoghurt are just a few of the many snack options available. You will want to keep your distance from anything processed, sugary, or sodium-heavy.
  • Hand sanitizer: Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket – it’s effective in preventing the spread of bacteria and can be used before and after meals or trips to the bathroom in public places or on board your flight.
  • Keep on-the-go probiotics in your travel bag: opt for a drinkable probiotic or if you have fridge yoghurt with live cultures this is good choice too.
  • Practice yoga: be sure to stretch frequently, staying limber is important for your ligaments and your muscles but also for movement in your gut. Pack a travel yoga mat for when you reach your destination or attend a local yoga class – most places will give you a mat to use!
  • Stick to routines: Staying healthy while travelling isn’t just about eating well and getting the occasional workout in. Little things like skincare routine, vitamin regimen and mental health should be considered. Be sure to pack your vitamins, medications and moisturisers. Keeping up with routines won’t add undue restrictions to your trip, they’ll allow you to feel your best while travelling and make the most of your holiday!

Image courtesy of @andyto